Delivery Information

The following is the information about delivery of your order. Please refer to our order and payment page for information about how to place an order.


The following is our standard delivery methods and shipping and handling fee, for the 48 states. Other shipping companies can be used if specified and paid by the customer. Shipping fees to Hawaii and Alaska will be higher and will be calculated by FedEx when the order is processed.

Delivery method Shipping fee (1 lb)
FedEx 2nd Day (Default): $22.00
FedEx Overnight Standard: $40.00
FedEx Overnight Priority: $44.00
FedEx Ground: $13.00


International orders are delivered by FedEx except to India, which may be delivered by DHL. It usually takes about 2 - 5 business days for FedEx to deliver to a foreign country. Please contact FedEx directly for more accurate estimation. The Shipping fee is as follows.

Country Shipping fee (1 lb)
Belgium , Brazil , Finland , France , Germany , Israel , Japan , Korea , New_Zealand , Singapore , UK , Taiwan, Thailand $95.00
Spain , Sweden $120.00
Austria , China , Denmark , Switzerland $125.00
Chile $130.00
Slovakia $240.00
Australia , Croatia , Czech , Hungary , India_FedEx , Latvia , Poland , South_Africa $190.00
Canada: $80.00
All other countries: $95.00
DHL (all country) $240.00

You may elect to use your own FedEx account for delivery. Please clearly specify the delivery method on your order form.

HazMat Fee

A compound is a dangerous good if there is HazMat information shown on our web page for that item. There will be a HazMat fee per item to ship a dangerous good, unless one of the following is true:

  • The package is shipped via FedEx Ground
  • Each bottle is in Excepted Quantity, which is up to 1g for class 6.1 packing group I or II, and up to 25g for all other HazMat items we have.

The HazMat fee will be charged to your account by the courier if it is shipped on your FedEx/DHL account, and will be added to the invoice otherwise. To avoid the HazMat fee, we will pack a 5g order of a 6.1/II item as 1g x 5, and a 100g order of any other dangerous good as 25g x 4, unless customer specifically requests not to do so on the PO. Below is the fee schedule of FedEx for HazMat. See FedEx fee schedule for more details

Type HazMat Fee
Excepted Quantity $0.00
FedEx Ground $0.00
Inaccessible (Haz class 6.1 or 9), Domestic $73.00
Inaccessible (Haz class 6.1 or 9), International $115.00
Accessible (Haz class 3, 4, 5 or 8), Domestic $160.00
Accessible (Haz class 3, 4, 5 or 8), International $240.00