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Data updated:   06/04/20


Catalog No. AM-1004
Name 4-Aminotetrahydropyran
Alt. name (Tetrahydropyran-4-yl)amine
CAS number 38041-19-9
Related CAS 33024-60-1
MFCD number MFCD02179436
Purity 98%
Formula C5H11NO
FW 101.1
Note Liquid. B.p. 52-53 C/ 13 mm Hg; Easy to absorb CO2 to form white precipitates.
HazMat info UN1993     Class: 3     Packing Group: III
100g will be packed as 25g x 4. HazMat fee may apply for larger quantities. See Delivery Information for more details.
Storage Room temperature
Shipping Normal
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AM-1014 4-Aminotetrahydropyran, HCl
97%, [33024-60-1], MFCD00100881